Please follow the installation instructions in the manual ‘Manual – Installation Instructions.pdf’, included within the download package.

Yes, absolutely! It’s very important to install the Definitive Edition on top of an ORIGINAL vanilla, ENGLISH fresh install of the original 2003 game without any other mods applied! The Definitive Edition is officially not compatible with translated versions of the game, but might still work when installed over another language version as the installer tries to force the game to display text in English. If it doesn’t work, please make sure to first install a fresh English copy of the original game.

Be sure to CAREFULLY read page 3 of the document ‘Manual – Installation Instructions’! You probably missed some settings related to AntiMicroX or Steam.

Try running AntiMicroX as an administrator. This could fix the problem.

Are you using the GOG release of the game? If so, this could be the problem. The newer GOG releases can break the EAX sound effects. To fix this, I recommend buying and installing the Steam version of the original game.

Currently only in English. However, the newly added text can easily be edited to fit other languages, as AoD’s text is part of a separate database file. Once the project is in a finalized state with all content locked-in, we’ll look into reaching out for translating to other languages.

Though they are two different projects, they are very much intertwined and they are a collaborative effort. Reborninshadows made a lot of content that’s included in the Definitive Edition, and I made a lot of content that’s included in the Restoration Project. The Restoration Project aims to finish up and improve the vanilla game, while retaining its original graphics, but does include some content that was originally made by me for the Definitive Edition (mostly improved audio and improved textures for story-related things only). The Definitive Edition includes everything that’s included in the Restoration Project + a lot of more additional content: HD remastered graphics and HUD, loads of additional bugfixes for levels and characters, additional audio improvements, Immersion Mode, remastered FMV’s, a custom Setup Wizard, rewritten manuals, improved default keyboard bindings, instantly working pre-configured controller support and a new look for the Launcher. The Definitive Edition will always include the content of the latest release of the Restoration Project: When the Restoration Project is updated, the Definitive Edition will receive an update too.

No. The Definitive Edition incorporates all the best and recommended mods. This includes the Restoration Project (version 1.3.0), ‘SLAYER’s Ultimate Patch’, ‘Nakamichi680’s AoD Levels Definitive Patches’ and ‘EXE Multi-Patcher’ and LateRaider’s ‘English PC Text Cleanup Mod’.

Even though the Definitive Edition Demo officially covers only the levels Parisian Back Streets up until Louvre Storm Drains as fully remastered levels, all modifications included in the Restoration Project for the rest of the game are fully included here as well. A notification will appear on screen when the Definitive Edition demo ends.

Because older savegame files won’t work (including pre-made savegame files like for example Stella’s Savegames), your savegame files have been moved and placed into a SaveGame (Backup) folder in the game’s main directory. They can not be used to play the Definitive Edition. Instead a package of new Definitive Edition compatible end-of-level savegames are provided. They can be found in folder called ‘DE SaveGame’. Copy and paste these savegame files into the SaveGame folder if you want to use them.

Other pre-made savegame files, like Stella’s, don’t work with the Definitive Edition. To still provide compatible pre-made savegame files for the players, I’ll eventually make a set of new ones that are solely compatible with the Definitive Edition. When they’re available, you will be able to download them on this website.

To change this you’ll have to first uninstall the Definitive Edition Demo through ‘Apps & Features’ within Windows. When it’s installed you can re-install the Definitive Edition demo and choose the new settings you’d like to use.

To change this you’ll have to first uninstall the Definitive Edition Demo through ‘Apps & Features’ within Windows. When it’s installed you can re-install the Definitive Edition demo and choose the new settings you’d like to use.

  1. Drag ‘TRAOD_P4.exe’ within the Bin folder onto ‘Multi-Patcher by Nakamichi680.exe’.
  2. Type ‘N’ once and press Enter (you now entered the page called Standard Mods 2/2).
  3. Now type ‘4’ (next to CUBEMAP REFLECTIONS RESOLUTION), press Enter.
  4. Choose the lower setting (NORMAL) by typing the number ‘1’, press Enter.
  5. Now type ‘5’ (next to DYNAMIC SHADOWS RESOLUTION), press Enter.
  6. Choose one of the 2 lower settings (NORMAL or 2x) by typing the number ‘1’ or ‘2’, press Enter.
  7. Type ‘N’ again, press Enter. Repeat again, press Enter. (you should now be in the Standard Mods 4/4 page).
  8. Now type ‘2’ (next to WATER REFLECTIONS RESOLUTION), press Enter.
  9. Choose one of the 2 lower settings (NORMAL or 2x) by typing the number ‘1’ or ‘2’, press Enter.
  10. Type ‘S’
  11. Type ‘Y’ to confirm and close the configuration tool.

Xbox 360, Xbox One, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 controllers are supported. Other Xinput or Dinput controllers might work too. But it’s not guaranteerd that they work without any issues.

Not yet. But SteamDeck support is coming soon!

Below point 23 there’s a full level-by-level list of known issues that currently remain in the game. Aside from these level-specific issues, a few engine-related technical issues are still present in the game, which will hopefully will be fixed in future releases:

  • Sometimes during conversations you might notice very brief black glitches. This is an lighting-related engine issue that has always been present in the game. There’s no fix for this issue yet.
  • Pressing F5 during gameplay will not only create a quick save game, but will also reset tree and tree shadow animations and purge bodies of defeated enemies. Performing certain actions within menus can also have this effect. This is unwanted behaviour and will be looked into for future updates.
  • Eckhardt’s glove effect (seen in the PS2) version is still missing from the PC version. At the moment this can’t be fixed without having to sacrifice MultiSampling, which isn’t a great trade-off at all.

Very, though none of it should feel “mod-added.” In keeping with the project’s core principles, additions were rigorously considered and tested to ensure cohesiveness with the original game. All graphics and audio improvements are also painstakingly done to fit the game’s original aesthetic as much as possible, while deliberately changing and improving on some things that needed improvement.

That you have to treat this like a first playthrough. Many elements including new notebook entries with more context, item pickup placements, etc. have been heavily altered to be more logical and in-line with the traditional Tomb Raider experience. If you’re used to knowing exactly what to do in TR:AoD – and as a result, quickly move from Point A to Point B – you may want to dial it back some, otherwise you won’t be taking in all that this project offers. Typically, if you think you’ve gotten stuck or can’t progress, you may simply need to look elsewhere or try something else.

That depends on how extensively you hold game canon; do you only take the game at face value, or incorporate extraneous elements stated by the original developers? This mod is an unofficial project, though heavily inspired by the Core Design devs themselves, and the ideas they wanted to add to the game. Many implementations are based upon their own concepts, and some are of our own design – though nothing that doesn’t fit into the game world.

If your concern is whether or not anything is “fan-fictiony,” rest assured – there’s none of that here. We have not added anything that goes against the design principles the game utilizes. There are no story elements that didn’t have a basis in the development notes, which have been publicly available for quite a while.

Retail AoD has a very haphazard approach to the availability of item pickups. Health items are plentiful, to the point where you end up with much more than you’ll actually use. In comparison, ammo tends to be fairly scarce. We’ve taken the approach of balancing these items as much as possible, leading to an equal distribution of both throughout each level. Certain items were also placed in less apparent locations, to reward the player for thoroughly exploring.

The first lethal gun Lara has the ability to obtain is the M-V9, purchased for €1000 from Rennes’ Pawnshop. Beyond that, your first free lethal gun is the Desert Ranger which is found in Le Serpent Rouge. However, in keeping with Core’s concepts of Lara needing to build herself up again, it has very limited ammo. The first gun that’s both free and given plenty of ammo is the Vector-R35 in Louvre Galleries; it has even more magazines to find, too. Below is a list of when you gain each gun.

  • M-V9 – Rennes’ Pawnshop (Purchased for €1000. Magazines are €100 each.
  • Desert Ranger – Le Serpent Rouge (Found in either the garage or the stage entrance.)
  • K2 Impactor – Rennes’ Pawn Shop (Inside the vault.)
  • Dart SS – Rennes’ Pawn Shop (Inside the vault.)
  • Vector-R35 – Louvre Galleries (Zone 4, on the printer in the surveillance camera office.)
  • Vector-R35 – The Archaeological Dig (On the generator near the power switch in the portable office. If Lara obtains two, they become Dual Vector-R35’s.)
  • V-Packer – The Tomb of Ancients (In a room beneath the black iron gate.)
  • Mag Vega – Galleries Under Siege (Dropped by a Cabal merc in Zone 1, near the second gallery.)
  • [Lara loses the above guns after Galleries Under Siege.]
  • Rigg 09 – Von Croy’s Apartment (Found on the dining room floor.)
  • Viper – Von Croy’s Apartment (Dropped by the Cleaner in the abandoned apartment.)
  • Dual Vector-R35’s – The Monstrum Crime Scene (Lara has them when the level starts. The Cleaner dropped them when he fell down the stairs, and she picked them up before the ensuing cutsene.)
  • Scorpion X – The Monstrum Crime Scene (Bought for €800 from Luddick, if you were nice to him.)
  • Mag Vega – The Strahov Fortress (Dropped by a Cabal merc in Zone 1, by the crane surveillance room.)
  • Scorpion X – The Strahov Fortress (Zone 2, in the cabinet near the Monstrum victim. If Lara obtains two, they become Dual Scorpion X’s.)
  • Boran X – The Sanitarium (Kurtis starts with this in his inventory. Lara cannot use it.)

I chose Pierre’s route for breaking into Le Serpent Rouge, but I can’t interact with the stage entrance door.

The entrance has been moved to the area with the “city guide.” This was the entrance’s original location. Having the entrance here makes the interior and exterior layout match properly again.

I chose Pierre’s mission for breaking into Le Serpent Rouge, but coming down the street toward the stage entrance, I didn’t see Kurtis ride off on his motorcycle.
That scene now plays when Lara exits Le Serpent Rouge, regardless of whether you chose to do Bernard’s or Pierre’s mission.

The code for Francine’s entry gate doesn’t work anymore.
To avoid players from skipping an entire section of gameplay, the code of Francine’s entry gate has been changed. So, no skipping!

The code for Carvier’s office doesn’t work anymore.
To avoid the players from missing a Vector Pistol pickup in this level, the code to open Carvier’s office door has been changed. So, no skipping!

I’ve made it up the stairs in the upper part of the level, but there’s a gate in the way that wasn’t there before! Is this a bug?
That is not a bug. In the retail game, the small area past the stairs once contained the upgrade for this level, and this gate was in a different spot. The upgrade, gate, and lever have all put into more sensible locations. The lever to open it is now located across from the bottom of the stairs.”

I’ve picked up Werner’s Walking Stick and the Rigg 09, but the Cleaner hasn’t arrived.
To trigger the Cleaner, you must pick up both Werner’s Walking Stick and a new item called Fax from Carvier to Von Croy, found near Werner’s computers. Check carefully for a flashing sparkle. Remember to pick up the Rigg 09 before engaging the assassin.

In The Monstrum Crime Scene, I’ve made it to Vasiley’s basement, but I can’t find the fax that gives me the passcode.
It’s on top of the large armoire. Look for something to stand on, then pull it over to the armoire so Lara can grab it.

I keep shooting Flying Boaz, but she won’t die! What do I do?
Boaz cannot take damage in her flying form while her eyes are glowing, this is intentional. Wait for them to stop glowing, then shoot her.

As changing level geometry isn’t possible yet at the moment, sadly some geometry glitches remain within the remastered levels (seams in the geometry, some missing faces etc.) Chances are getting bigger that these could be fixed in the future too. I’ve kept very good documentation of these remaining glitches and will fix them as soon as I get the chance.


  • The cop in the street down below sometimes randomly doesn’t actually hold a flashlight in his hand when he’s shining around with it. Currently there’s no fix for this issue yet.
  • When the cop in the street sees Lara, and you walk towards the black metal gate, then save and reload, the game can crash.
  • When climbing up the platform in the beta courtyard, a fixed camera shows the wire that Lara thinks will hold her weight. This camera angle is shown extremely short. It’s somehow caused by the HD Lara model. Hopefully I’ll be able to fix this in the future.


  • The metal ‘box’ on top of the drainpipe that Lara hangs off during the cutscene is not yet visible before you trigger the cutscene.


  • In the conversation between Lara and Janice, the bold part of the following line is missing in its subtitle: “I’m looking for someone you might know. Name of Bouchard.” This is because this subtitle is a shared one, also used for a line within the conversation between Lara and the Herbalist.


  • When choosing Pierre’s route, and going down into the basement, you can use the switch over and over again without having attached the ‘T-Bar Socket Spanner’ to it. Yet nothing happens.
  • When choosing Pierre’s route, the dumbwaiter makes that broken down sound automatically, whereas when using Bernard’s route this only starts happening when you use the switch in the basement.
  • The guard who brings the bridge back down with the switch can sometimes fall to his death when trying to reach Lara.
  • The 3D models of the shotgun ammo inside the dumbwaiter still changes shape when the dumbwaiter opens up.


  • When taking all items from Rennes’ vault, a new music track starts. When then saving and reloading the game, the music track that started playing when taking the last item is now overlayed on top of the regular Rennes’ Pawnshop music track: They now, incorrectly, play simultaneously.
  • The passports Lara lays down on the counter are gone when gameplay resumes.
  • The trapdoor has a few missing chain links on both sides


  • The ambient track inside Francine’s apartment can start a few seconds late after the level is loaded.
  • The graveyard is missing volumetric fog. The original game also had this issue.