Sadly there were some big problems with installer of the previous v1.0.1 release of the demo. They have been fixed and the new v1.0.2 release is up for download now!

v1.0.2 fixes several issues that were present in v1.0.1 release. See the changelog below:

  • Fixed the controller type radio buttons not working correctly in the v1.0.1 release, which broke the controller support for the Playstation controllers.
  • Did some improvements on EAX activation to hopefully prevent as much problems as possible with getting it enabled.
  • Added a check system to avoid players from installing the demo either without installing the original game first or installing the demo in the wrong directory.
  • Added 2 new default installation directories corresponding with the newest GOG release of the original game + recommended not using them as they have some specific issues.
  • Added registry keys to force AntiMicroX to run as an administrator, when installed in one of the default installation directories (mainly to avoid as much as possible that the controllers won’t work for players who have the newer GOG releases installed).

Thanks to good feedback and a lot of testing I’ve discovered that the newer GOG releases (which have the new circular non-vanilla desktop shortcut icons) can cause problems with AntiMicroX and the EAX audio effects. These are the following problems:

  1. My controller doesn’t work at all: Try running AntiMicroX as an administrator.
  2. The EAX setting in the Launcher Settings under the ‘Sound’ tab is greyed out.

I tried my best to automatically prevent as much of these problems as possible, but if you run into any of the following 2 problems and can’t fix them, I recommend buying and installing the original game on Steam.

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