The main download for the Demo has been updated to v1.0.1. This update fixes several important bugs that were present in the initial v1.0 release! See the changelog below:

  • Fixed an issue where volumetric distance fog in all levels that have this effect would disappear when reloading from saves, including when you quit the game and restart. (Was an issue that’s always been present in the original PC release. But now not anymore! Thanks to Nakamichi680!)
  • Fixed the game crashing when dying in the first area of Parisian Ghetto (2_1). (Restoration Project Bug)
  • Lara will no longer do the “one hand ledge grab” animation after a standing “vertical” jump since this only made the gameplay slower and didn’t add much.
  • Fixed an extra broken entry being added at the start of Strahov Fortress if you started this level after talking to Luddick. (Restoration Project Bug)
  • Fixed an additional incorrect subtitle (“Unbelievable! That glove must have some kind of alchemic power.”) being displayed in the cutscene where Luddick gets killed. (Restoration Project Bug)

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