“Accused of the murder of her mentor Werner von Croy, Lara Croft becomes a fugitive on the run. To clear her name, Lara has no choice but to confront the secret alliance whose destiny is to take over the world.”

Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness – Definitive Edition an unofficial, PC exclusive, all-encompassing remaster of the sixth entry in the Tomb Raider series. The graphics, sound, controls, gameplay and storytelling have all received major overhauls, alongside an astounding amount of bug fixes, and last but not least: restored cut content!

During the development of the Definitive Edition, Core Design’s and Murti Schofield’s original visions have always been studied and consulted religiously. This truly is the ultimate and definitive way to experience The Angel of Darkness, delivering the compelling adventure Core Design always envisioned it to be.

‘Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness – Definitive Edition’ FULLY incorporates the ‘Restoration Project’. There’s no need to install both!



The visuals of the game have been carefully remastered. The levels, characters, menus, fonts, the notebook and actually just everything you can possibly think of received a major facelift to bring the game to a modern standard, while always retaining the aesthetic of the original game. All textures have been recreated by hand. You won’t find automatic AI batch upscales here! In some rare cases the visuals have deliberately been changed from the original game, to either fix inconsistencies in the game’s visuals or to further improve the art style. Compare the graphics of the original release to the Definitive Edition yourself in the Gallery!

Movement controls have been enhanced majorly. The game’s controls are now more fluid and responsive than ever before! The usual keyboard & mouse controls have been retained and refined and the game can now also properly be played with a controller with camera-relative controls, just like the original PS2 version! The Definitive Edition supports the usage of Xbox 360, Xbox One, Xbox Series, PS4 and PS5 controllers out of the box, with tried-and tested intuitive controls schemes automatically set and ready to start your adventure.

To complement these two ways of playing the game, two fully rewritten manuals are included. One dedicated manual for Playing with Keyboard & Mouse, and one for Playing with Controller! Learning the control schemes for the controllers will also be a breeze with the included Printable Controls Guides for both the Xbox and Playstation controllers.

Aside from the controls themselves, the gameplay within the levels has also been improved! The gameplay has been expanded in many levels and has been improved to better complement the game’s storyline, to restore Core Design’s original vision for the game, to reimplement cut content and to deliver a more interesting and overall more immersive experience.

Murti Schofield, the original writer of The Angel of Darkness, wrote a fascinating and very detailed story including a plethora of background information and lore. Sadly, a lot of this never got implemented into the original game or got implemented incorrectly. The Definitive Edition corrects this and implements as much of the original story into the game as possible. The storytelling is further improved by restoring a huge amount of cut dialogue, totally overhauling von Croy’s notebook and by integrating the award winning short canon movie ‘The Myth of El Hawa’.

The original PC release of The Angel of Darkness contained heavily compressed dialogue and sound effects. This has been fixed by implementing many original uncompressed sound effects and by porting over dialogue audio from the PS2 version, which has better sound quality. The sound quality of the dialogue has even been further improved upon by manually improving and remastering it. The delayed off sync facial animations have also been fixed!

The cutscenes and some parts of gameplay in the original game could sometimes sound a bit empty. The sound design in the game has been revised majorly to make the experience more immersive and to improve the storytelling.

In addition to all the aforementioned sound improvements, the Definitive Edition also introduces a completely new option to the game: The Immersion Mode! When playing with this option enabled, characters will initially speak in their native language, and only switch to English when they know Lara speaks English. Another interesting way to improve the immersion when playing the game.

The FMV’s in the original release were of very poor quality with very low resolution, washed out colors, distracting aliasing, incorrect aspect ratio, and with a strangely cropped, non-full screen image. The FMV’s also lacked subtitles, while the game itself and the in-game cutscenes did have them. All of this has been fixed for the Definitive Edition. On top of that the sound design in the FMV’s has also been improved. Compare the old and new FMV’s yourself in the Gallery!

A lot of cut content has been restored. Ranging from cut gameplay and enemies to a fully functional shop function, a plethora of voice lines and pickups. At long last, Lara can now officially and organically obtain two of her dearest trusty old friends during the adventure. Yes, that’s right! The Dual Pistols are now fully functionally and properly integrated into the game!

An astounding amount of bugs have been fixed and the game received tons upon tons of Quality of Life improvements. Every aspect of the game received this treatment: Controls, gameplay, menus, audio, graphics, storytelling, character animations and even the manuals. No stone has been left unturned to make the experience of playing the Definitive Edition as smooth and stable as possible!

The Definitive Edition is installed with a beautiful, immersive and easy to use Setup Wizard. During the process the player can choose the preferred way to play the game and whether to use the new Immersion Mode or not. The download package comes with concise Installation Instructions to guide you through the installation process.

With the Definitive Edition there’s no need to download and install any third party software, no need to fiddle with game files, complicated graphical settings or registry edits. You’ll be playing in no time!

The original manual for The Angel of Darkness missed a lot of and even contained incorrect information. The manual has been rewritten from scratch and is optimised for digital viewing. It contains a clickable table of contents, is searchable, and is provided in two different versions: One for Playing with a Keyboard & Mouse and one for Playing with a Controller.

Last but not least, the Definitive Edition comes with many extras! The Extras menu option from the PS2 is back and includes not one, but two remastered making of videos from Core Design, and the Definitive Edition Demo teaser trailer. ‘The Myth of El Hawa’ is implemented in the Main Menu as the new option ‘Story so Far’ and perfectly fills the gap between The Last Revelation and The Angel of Darkness.

The Demo download package also includes the new and exclusive ‘Definitive Music Collection’. A huge soundtrack album compiled by Bob Smolders containing each and every single piece of soundtrack from The Angel of Darkness in chronological order of the game. The collection includes all Abbey Road Orchestra tracks, all in-game tracks and cutscene mixes, and many unused tracks and multiple bonus tracks. All 89 tracks are in splendid CD quality and have been normalised for an enjoyable listening experience.

Demo v1.0.2 OUT NOW!

Sadly there were some big problems with installer of the previous v1.0.1 release of the demo. They have been fixed and the new v1.0.2 release is up for download now! v1.0.2 fixes several issues that were present in v1.0.1 release. See the changelog below: Thanks to good feedback and a lot of testing I’ve discovered […]

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Demo v1.0.1 OUT NOW!

The main download for the Demo has been updated to v1.0.1. This update fixes several important bugs that were present in the initial v1.0 release! See the changelog below:

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This is it! The Demo of Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness – Definitive Edition is released! Go to the Downloads page to download the demo now! 12 years after starting working on what eventually became the Definitive Edition, the day has come. The demo of the Definitive Edition contains all levels before Louvre Storm […]

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New Website!

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